Customizing Control Center for your Location

May 4th 2020 by Tim
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Control Center gives bar and restaurant owners and managers the peace of mind that the right collection of sports are on their TVs at all times. We think this will keep patrons around longer and coming back more often. It gives them reliability that their game will be on - something that is missing in a lot of venues today. Control Center uses an algorithm to figure out which games go on at which location. Let's go a little deeper into the main four components.

National rating

All games receive a rating for how they are viewed across the country. This ensures that games involving highly-rated or nationally-popular teams are highly rated by Control Center across all markets.

Local rating

We know that most sports fandom derives from where you were raised, and rarely ever leaves you. This means we put extra emphasis on local teams and especially local rivalries.

Venue rating

We know all bars and restaurants have a different atmosphere, and we love that about them. Some may be the place to watch the local team, while another across the street may be where the fiercest rivals gather. Because of this, we work closely with each venue to ensure we understand their unique sports preferences.

Live rating

Lastly, people love sports because of the competition. Sometimes, a big-time game can become a blowout and people lose interest. On the other side, little-known games can produce the craziest of buzzer-beaters. Control Center takes live game flows into account when choosing what's up next.

Of course, with any algorithm there are edge cases, so we are constantly refining and tweaking this to make sure we are always showing what's important.

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