Give Your VIP Customers the Remote

July 29th 2020 by Tim
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With VIP Mode, we allow you to give channel changing access only to your most valuable customers. These could be customers in your rewards program, your top ten highest-grossing customers, your customers-of-the-month, or however you define your VIPs.

How it Works

We'll give you a list of codes that you can give out to your VIPs that they can input into the Clicker TV app. After that, they can freely change your Clicker-enabled TVs and have that living room feel with all the perks of your location.

vip mode

Lock it Down

If you want only your VIP customers to be able to change the channels, we can lock it down to just them. Otherwise, customers can still purchase tokens to change the channels.

If you lock it down, customers will see a VIP Only message on the location, and when they click on it will see a message like below:

vip only message

For locations that choose VIP Mode, it'll allow them to pick and choose who gets to handle the remote and can fit into and drive traffic to existing loyalty programs.

Give us a shout below if you would like to give it a try!

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