Manage TVs from your Phone with Manager Mode

July 1st 2020 by Tim
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One request we frequently get from bars and restaurants is to allow staff to change channels from the Clicker TV app without purchasing tokens. With Manager Mode, it's now possible.

Manager Mode allows your staff to manage TVs from their own phone (or shared iPad or other device) rather than having to find the remote, the correct satellite box, etc.

Here is what manager mode looks like.

manager mode screenshots

  • Request Manager Mode by logging in and sending us a message with your name and venue, then we'll confirm with your manager and get you set up (see far left screenshot).
  • Once we activate you, you'll see a Manager tag next to your venue which means you're all set up (center screenshot).
  • Now, you can go through the normal flow to change a TV and when you are asked for tokens, there will be a new option to change for free (far right screenshot).

We hope this streamlines your staff's abilities to field customer channel change requests!

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