• What is the installation and setup process?

    It's simple! All you need is an internet connection. We'll install a small device and ensure your DIRECTV boxes are internet enabled.

  • How do guests change the TVs themselves?

    Guests can purchase tokens used toward reserving TVs through the Clicker TV mobile app. When signing up, they start with a few free tokens, and they can purchase more with a credit card.

  • What if two people want to watch different channels on the same TV?

    The Clicker TV app allows for transparent reservations so that your guests will know which TVs are available to be reserved.

  • What cable providers do you support?

    Currently, we support DIRECTV. Contact us with your provider if you are interested in another provider being added.

  • Do all TVs have to be connected?

    We recommend having 50-75% of your TVs on Control Center, and around 25% enabled with the Clicker TV app. Staff will still be able to manually change any TV at any time.

  • Will the TV potentially change at a certain time if a guest is watching a specific game?

    No - our system can track the manual change inside your venue, and disable our Control Center automation until the game completes.