You pay a lot for DIRECTV.
Take Advantage of It.

Clicker integrates into your existing DIRECTV and automagically manages channel changes and allow patrons to change the channel themselves with our app.

Let staff focus on selling food + beverage and let Clicker keep your guests in their seats

Clicker drastically reduces channel change requests and increases customer dwell time. We provide two products:

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Control Center

We'll manage TVs automatically throughout the day remotely - tailored for your venue.

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Clicker TV

Allow your guests to download the Clicker TV mobile app and change the TV channels right from their phone.

Right Game, Right TV, All the Time

Your guests are hard to predict, and your bartenders are easily distracted. With Control Center, we'll handle the TV changes behind the scenes and put the best sports on your TVs throughout the day - without your staff having to lift a finger.

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Empower Your Guests to Change the Game

After downloading the Clicker TV app, your guests can choose the sports they want to watch and change the channel instantly from their phone. Check it out on iOS and Android.

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Custom Scheduling

Soccer bar? Notre Dame bar? Every venue is different. We'll work closely with you to ensure your programming aligns with your bar's preferences. We'll consider local, national, and live game-flow appeal.

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Game Flow AI

With Game Flow AI, we read live scoreboard data to make sure a close, intriguing game is never turned off just because another game is about to kick off.

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Manual Change Override

We can't predict what every guest wants to watch. If you put on a game with the traditional remote, we'll turn off our automation to prevent changing over their game.

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Custom Scheduling

We'll work closely with you to ensure you stay on brand by understanding your venue's sports preferences and the atmosphere you want to cultivate and preserve.

Simple packages

      Assistant Coach
What's included
  • Your venue added to Clicker TV app
  • Allow customer controlled TVs
  • TV layout strategy guidance
  • DirecTV wiring setup, if necessary
  • Email + chat support
      Advanced Scout
What's included
  • Control Center automatically manages your TVs
  • 24 hr/day auto programming
  • Weekly email with upcoming TV sports schedule
  • TV layout strategy guidance
  • DirecTV wiring setup, if necessary
  • Email + chat support
      General Manager
What's included
  • Everything in Assistant Coach + Advanced Scout packages
  • Control Center and Clicker TV changes on the same TV
  • Email, chat + phone support


  • What is the installation and setup process?

    It's simple! All you need is an internet connection. We'll install a small device and ensure your DIRECTV boxes are internet enabled.

  • How do guests change the TVs themselves?

    Guests can purchase tokens used toward reserving TVs through the Clicker TV mobile app. When signing up, they start with a few free tokens, and they can purchase more with a credit card.

  • What if two people want to watch different channels on the same TV?

    The Clicker TV app allows for transparent reservations so that your guests will know which TVs are available to be reserved.

  • What cable providers do you support?

    Currently, we support DIRECTV. Contact us with your provider if you are interested in another provider being added.

  • Do all TVs have to be connected?

    We recommend having 50-75% of your TVs on Control Center, and around 25% enabled with the Clicker TV app. Staff will still be able to manually change any TV at any time.

  • Will the TV potentially change at a certain time if a guest is watching a specific game?

    No - our system can track the manual change inside your venue, and disable our Control Center automation until the game completes.

Customer testimonials

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I am all in on Clicker. Control Center has proved to be invaluable to us, as it gives me peace of mind that experts are actively managing our TV sports entertainment.

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Clicker TV has been such a huge help to my staff. It has allowed them to focus on bartending and waiting on our customers without having to worry about adjusting the TVs all day.

Unleash the future of sports programming.