The Biggest Sports Moments.
On Your TVs. Guaranteed.

Clicker is a sports-centric DIRECTV add-on that drives improved ROI from your existing TV and sports packages.

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πŸ“± Contactless Remote Control

Clicker TV for Staff reduces the spread of germs through the elimination of a shared remote.
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🀯 Blow your Guests' Minds

Clicker TV for Fans allows guests to reserve TVs and change channels from an app, giving them an unforgettable experience.
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😌 Sports TV Nirvana

Control Center manages all your TVs behind the scenes, so your staff can focus on the guest experience.
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Pricing starting at $35 a month

1 to 4 boxes

Staff Only
$ 35 /month
Allow staff to change channels from their phone
What’s included
  • 30 days free
  • Employees can change channels with Clicker TV for Staff
  • Integrates with all your DIRECTV Boxes
$ 75 /month
Clicker TV and Control Center, fully loaded
What’s included
  • 30 days free
  • Everything in Staff Only Package
  • Control Center automated channel changes
  • Onboarding conversation to learn your venue's preferences
  • Clicker TV for Fans to enable fans to change channels
  • Option for VIP Mode or revenue share mode
  • Integrates with 1 to 4 DIRECTV boxes
Risk free. Cancel anytime.

I am all in on Clicker. Control Center has proved to be invaluable to us, as it gives me peace of mind that experts are actively managing our TV sports entertainment.

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Tin Roof Regional Manager

Clicker TV has been a huge help to my staff. It has allowed them to focus on bartending and waiting on our customers without having to worry about adjusting TVs all day.

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Queen City Exchange Partner

Multiple Locations? We have a package for that.